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Practical Tools and Solutions to Help Small Businesses Prosper

BizNowse was started in 2015, just outside of San Francisco, California by risk and safety analyst and business expert, Morris Burch. After discovering that the retired life wasn't for him, Morris found himself searching for what was next. Driven by his passion for excellence he began putting his years of experience to work for the owners of small businesses across the country, and thus BizNowse was born. Morris' entrepreneurial career began in 1997 with the creation of IRC Risk and Safety LLC, which grew to over 100 employees across three countries. During his time at IRC, Morris received much recognition. This was not, however, without some failures. This is the type of first hand knowledge and experience you will receive when working with BizNowse. However that is not all, accreditations from top business schools including Stanford, Kellogg, and Henley (UK), have provided Morris with an even broader understanding of what it takes to succeed as a small business. 

Morris Burch

BizNowse Founder

Hello, Morris here.


I wanted to write this message to personally thank you for your interest in BizNowse. BizNowse is my most recent project, and, as all my kids are moving out soon, BizNowse will become my only child :)

Here's a little bit about me - unrelated to my education and business experience.

  • I am very competitive, but I am a gracious loser.

  • I have two "lovely" dogs, goats, cats, chickens, 

  • terrible cook; competitive squash player - praying to squash god for 40 something years; 

  • obscene collection of toys

  • favorite past time: mowing the lawn on my tractor

  • Greatest achievement (outside of children) - trouble shooting tough electrical problem on a vintage Italian sports car; completing the Ledville 50 cycle race within time limits; building my company to over 100 employees across three continents

  • Favorite bands: Queen, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppellin

  • Favorite artists: Nora Jones, Jone Armatradey, Peter Gabriel, and Sheryl Crow  

  • Favorite books: tom wolfe bonfire of the vanities and man in full; Dan Brown - Inferno; Origin ; iRobot; Faranheit 451; Ben Elton - Stark

Quotes to Live by:

"Never give in. Never give in. Never give in."

"It is easier to edit than to create."